• Green Roof Specialists is a consultant and provider of turn-key solutions for green roof and green wall technology for residential and commercial properties.

  • By providing planted roofs for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings we can help you lower your heating and cooling costs thereby increasing your profitability all while improving the quality of the environment.

  • Property owners that want to lower operating costs, increase rents and as well as tenant satisfaction, uniquely brand their building and help the environment will benefit from green roof technology.

– Uniquely Brand/Distinguish your Building

– Increase Rents and Tenant Satisfaction

–┬áIncrease Property Value

– Reduce Air Conditioning and Heating Costs

– Transform Dead Space into a Usable Garden or Recreational Area

– Generate Tax Incentives/Density Credits

– Reduce Stormwater Run-off Fees

– Increase Air Quality and help the Environment

Green Roof Specialists also provide interior and exterior green walls/vertical gardens. Add a stunning mobile green wall to your design.